Dubai is more than just a “city”. It’s the star of the Middle East, the treasure of the Arab desert. Though it usually shocks the world with its headlines, it is, without a doubt, one of the most exciting places on earth.

You see, Dubai is so rich that it will always go beyond what it has already achieved. Where else can you find gold plated sports cars, cellphones worth more than your house, or Sheiks dining with hawks in food plazas?

You’ll probably just gape at Dubai’s out-of-this-world attractions. And who can blame you when things can go beyond… outrageous?

The best thing about Dubai is the fact that it never runs out of astonishing ideas as shown in the photos below. Some have come to fruition, others have yet to surface. Nevertheless, they’ll definitely blow your mind and maybe lure you to come visit this amazing desert dwelling one day.

So ladies and gentlemen, this is Dubai for you. And no, you’re not hallucinating.

  1. Wi-fi and fraps in bus stopsTo solve traffic, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) of Dubai decided to make bus stops worthwhile by setting up a mini-coffee shop that comes with Wi-Fi and a charging station. In 2014, it went beyond its service when it gave people who use public transportation the chance to win prizes, including actual gold.
Bus stops in Dubai has air conditioning and wifi to ease passsengers' waiting
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  1. Snow inside malls

Just malls?

Dubai also has ski parks inside malls.
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  1. Snow inside restaurants

Didn’t think so.

Dubai has a restaurant that is winter-themed with snow and ice sculptures.
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  1. Rainforest in a hotel

Did I just type that?

Dubai will make a hotel with a rain forest inside.
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  1. Underwater hotel rooms
An Underwater Hotel can be found in Dubai.
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  1. Underwater villas
Dubai has an underwater floating villa as well.
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  1. 65 countries in one Global Village
Find 65 Countries in one global village in Dubai
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  1. Dubai’s Elephant Clock

Where else in the world can you find such…thing?

Dubai's Elephant Clock
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  1. Dubai Frame

What’s next? A staircase?

You could find the Dubai frame here.
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  1. Dubai Steps

You betcha!

Dubai steps will soon rise in Dubai
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