Ever wonder why you enjoy being at the beach? Why looking at the horizon of the sea gives you a sense of satisfaction? The sea has many benefits to people. It affects the body, mind, and soul as many will affirm. Here are 15 clear advantages of living near the sea.

1. Fuels the Body

Photo of fit bodies by a woman and man.
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One thing that fuels the body that can be found ever present on the sea is the supply of sunlight. According to studies, the heat of the sun affects the body’s endocrine system which produces endorphins to feel relaxed and less stressed.


2. Healthy and Fresh Air

Photo of two coconut trees on the beach.
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Oxygen is important for our body. It is even important to our whole existence.  Sea air is rich of healthy negative ions that help in oxygen absorption. Having good amounts of oxygen can keep the body healthy and glowing.


3. Helps in Curing Skin Diseases

Photo of 3rd advantage of living near the sea: Helps in Curing Diseases.
Photo from: http://www.occupy-detroit.us/to-check-whether-a-skin-care-product-is-safe-for-a-sensitive-skin-see-if-it-contains-less-than-10-ingredients/

The sea can help cure some skin diseases like psoriasis. Through the sun’s ultraviolet light, the skin’s flaking becomes heightened that helps the skin to heal and produce new skin cells reducing the scaly pink patches of psoriasis.

Another agent in curing the skin of diseases is sea water. Sea water helps in treating some cases of dermatitis. Sea water helps the skin heal faster through removing impurities and drying the wound.


4. A Good Source of Vitamins

Photo about the sea being a good source of vitamins
Photo from: http://www.hotel-r.net/it/sun-and-beach

Getting a good dose of Vitamin D helps the body’s autoimmune system making the body stronger in fighting diseases and prevents major health problems.


5. Makes the Skin Glow

Photo of a girl in red dress on the beach.
Photo from: http://how-togetlighterskin.com/

Like oxygen, water is an important element to our existence. Swimming in the ocean hydrates the skin and boosts blood circulation. This combination makes our skin healthy and makes it glow.


6. Cleans the Hair


Cleans the hair photo in blog

Photo from: https://www.brit.co/beach-hair/

Swimming in sea water can act as a natural shampoo where oils in the hair, a natural body agent that traps dirt in the scalp, can be removed. Salt in sea water can also remove built up chemicals from the hair.


7. Be in a Relaxed State


Photo of Being in a Relaxed State

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In every relaxation music, the sound of sea waves is always present. This is because, according to a study, sounds of waves alter the brain to a deeply relaxed state.


8. Brings out Creativity



Photo of a sand castle on the beach.

Photo from: Pixabay.com

Dr. Wallace J. Nichols, scientist and author of “Blue Mind”, suggests the ocean has been proven to inspire creative thinking. Since hearing the sounds of waves keeps the body relaxed, the brain can process other things like bringing out your creativity.


9. Have a Good Night Sleep

Photo of a bed on the beach

Photo from: https://www.pinterest.com/CaliPhotoGirl/love-romantic-dates/

Sounds of waves hitting the shore keep you calm and relaxed. It is a great element to help you sleep. The sea is able to help you achieve a good night sleep because land temperatures near the sea become cooler at night while sea temperature absorbs heat during the same time.


10. Promotes Fitness

Photo of someone playing on the beach

Photo from: http://www.desigbarcelona.com/blog/en/enjoy-the-best-beach-fun-in-barcelona/

The beach encourages physical activity due to coastal paths and beaches. When you are along the coast, you can enjoy easy access to beach activities like surfing, swimming, kayaking and etc. Studies also suggest that jogging along the coast has much more positive effects than jogging inside the gym or on a crowded area.


11. Be Socially Active

Photo of happy young people group have fun white running and jumping on beach at sunset time


Photo from: http://www.hercampus.com/school/tulane/fun-sun-beach-basics

Enjoying outdoor activities on the beach can help you meet people and friends who share the same interests as you are. It is a great way to meet people than just being stuck in the four corners of a room.


12. Access to Healthy Food


Photo of Sunset Beach Dinner

Photo from: http://www.cooking-culinary-arts-schools.org/2013/03/18/cities-for-culinary-schools/fort-lauderdale-florida/fort-lauderdale-favorites-for-affordable-food.asp

Living near the sea gives you the opportunity to eat fresh seafood which are full of nutrients than already processed haul.


13. A Symbol of Success



Photo of a beachfront residence.


Photo from: https://www.tripadvisor.com/Rentals

It is given that real estates along the coasts are much more expensive. Having a house in this area can mean having a successful life or an improved social status. This leads to the next advantage of living near the sea.


14. Improve Your Networks


Photo of people holding hands while jumping on the beach.

Photo from: https://profiletree.com/blogs/happy-life-quotes

Living in coastal real estate means having to live with other successful people. This improves your networks greatly and brings you more opportunities professionally.


15. Closer Relationships


Photo of a family on the beach

Photo from: pexels.com

Your usual out of town trips to the beach becomes your daily routine. This helps families or relationships closer by enjoying outdoor activities together away from technology and other distractions pulling you away from the people you hold dear.

These are just some of the advantages of the sea and living near it. It gives you the best living experience you could imagine for yourself, fulfilling your body, mind, and soul.

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