If you’re living in Dubai and looking for a good way to invest your money this year, purchasing a property is an option highly recommended by most financial experts. Not only will property values rise over time, but this type of investment is also considered a practical source of passive income.

It takes a good amount of planning as you have to research ahead, carve out a solid strategy, and determine your expenses and disposable income before shelling out a big amount of money or finally deciding on a property. However, this long-term, wealth-building enterprise is a more tangible option compared to other financial investments such as stocks and bonds.

Dubai, as a progressive metropolis, has much potential in turning property investment into a lucrative endeavour. Let’s take a look at this emirate’s landscape: apart from the given features such as its free zone areas, numerous tourist attractions, state-of-the-art facilities, tax-free regulations, and its overall accessibility and safety, businesses in Dubai are flourishing. Furthermore, you can expect a plush experience in a world-class environment where crime rate is low and career choices are abundant.

This certainly tells you that Dubai is a city of opportunities and growth, making it a perfect venue to start a financial venture. As for its real estate market, it is maturing with property demand expected to rise this year. Despite the global financial crisis that wrecked the first quarter of this decade, the property market of Dubai has managed to remain stable. Let’s not forget as well that properties across the city are open to investors worldwide, translating to liquidity in the marketplace.

So is 2016 a really good year to invest in real estate in Dubai? According to experts, there is currently no shortage of properties. More tenants are buying homes instead of renting. Gross returns and rental yields in Dubai are higher than those in Hong Kong, Singapore, and London.

Property values will also increase this year and is projected to increase further, an indication of a promising return of investment. And don’t forget to factor in the surge of tourists that continue to fuel the already growing economy of this cosmopolitan city in the desert.

Without a doubt, now is the best time to invest in Dubai real estate. Before sealing the deal, however, it’s always essential to know and understand the market by keeping abreast of rates, prices, and trends that may affect the future value of your investment. Carefully map out a solid purchasing plan that will take into consideration pertinent factors such as time and current market figures. Do take advantage of good bargains, discounts, deals, and incentives as well.

Lastly, it is always best to consult a real estate expert such as the professional and trusted agents of For Est Real Estate.  Only a knowledgeable and experienced agent can help you determine the right property that will suit your needs. Whether it’s a villa in Emirates Hills or a unit that offers a stunning view of the Dubai Marina, you will be given a wealth of options to choose from. For Est’s expert team of agents will answer all your questions on setting up or buying a new home in Dubai to ensure a good start on your investment.