Are you looking for a home in Dubai but don’t know which specific area you’d like to purchase? Reports have shown that Dubai Marina has been the leading destination for real estate property buyers. The man-made canal city garnered 1,392 transactions with a value of Dhs2.893 billion within this 1st half of 2016 according to Dubai Land Department.

Dubai Marina has a lot to offer, such as its breath-taking view of the emerald green marina, its proximity to prominent locations such as the Dubai Marina Mall and to business areas such as Dubai Media City and Dubai Internet City.

Dubai Marina is also strategically located near the Jumeirah Beach where you could enjoy the beach lifestyle and marina lifestyle. Also nestled in this area are luxury hotels, bars and nightclubs.

But enough on the explaining. Let’s see more of what Dubai Marina has to offer.

1. Amazing architecture can be found all over Dubai Marina.

Dubai Marina also has a number of skyscrapers.
Towering skyscrapers guard the marina.


2. You’ll fall in love with its emerald green water.

Dubai Marina has majestic emerald green water.
Skyscrapers envelope the emerald water of Dubai Marina.


3. Calm emerald green water invites you to take a dip.

Dubai marina has majestic emerald green water.
The water looks majestic even up close.


4. Or take a time out and relax by enjoying the view here:

Take time to relax at Dubai Marina.
Relax and enjoy the view at Dubai Marina.


5. Have a good walk beside the marina. 

Dubai Marina is a perfect place to stroll.
Be inspired to walk beside the marina.


6. Be amazed by Dubai Marina’s horizon:

Dubai Marina can be explored by boat.
Discover the marina by boat.


7. Dubai Marina glows at night, inviting you to its exciting night life.

Dubai Marina is a perfect place to enjoy the night life.
The night lights invite you to take part in Dubai Marina’s active night life.


8. It literally glows like GOLD at night:

Dubai Marina looks magnificent at night.
Like gold, Dubai Marina shines during the night.


Watch the video below and get a glimpse of what it’s like to live in Dubai Marina:

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