Renting your very first apartment is a big step for anyone, whether you’re doing it within your own country or elsewhere. You will be out of your comfort zone, and will certainly be apprehensive, wondering what the first steps to take are when you’re seeking out the perfect place to live in.

This is especially true for young people or overseas workers, who will be thrust into a completely different world. Dubai is one of the busiest, most rapidly growing cities in the world, and so it becomes even more important to be careful with your choices.

For first timers, though the search for a new apartment may be daunting, there are some fairly easy reminders that may help them out.

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Having a checklist and sticking with it is important.

It may be ‘boring but checklists are important
The excitement of moving by yourself into a new apartment in a place like Dubai can be overwhelming. Sometimes, you just want to go on and “get it over with” and find the first place that seems as though it might be good. However, always remember that being prepared and sticking to a checklist is important.

You have to answer the questions such as, how much can you really afford? Can you maintain affording the location? Remember a good rule of thumb: if you want to live in a big city like Dubai, the apartment must never cost more than 30% of your monthly income, and at least three months’ worth of living expenses ahead of time.

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Location is everything for your first apartment.

Location is everything
The location will affect your choices greatly. The location of the apartment often decides the expensiveness of the rent (more high-end localities will charge more, locations further away from the city centre may not be as pricey). Do you have your own vehicle? If so, you can only choose a location that also has a convenient parking lot nearby or its own parking space. That might make it more expensive.

If you’re commuting to work, you’ll also have to choose a location that will give you the least trouble getting to your new employment. Dubai has numerous transportation options available, so this might be easier than you think! In the end, even if the location might not have a parking spot but has convenient commuting options, it might be more cost efficient.

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Pretend that this isn’t an apartment this is a home

Pretend that this isn’t an apartment: this is a home
Many people consider buying an apartment more than just a temporary place to live. It’s considered as a “starter home”, where you start to learn not just your independence, but also how to assess a property in the same way that you might do with a home you wanted to buy.

Don’t just go by what the advertisement says. Check the lights, the water pipes, the electricity; look into when the roof had been last re-roofed and how the location has been maintained. Remember, if this is going to be your home, however temporary, you have to make sure that everything is copacetic should you choose to move in.

The last consideration, along with the first two, is where the true expertise of a real estate agent may be able to truly help you. By taking on the aid of an agent who can expertly asses a piece of property and find you a location that would be a perfect fit for your needs, you not only would be able to put most of the hard work away, but also make doubly sure that your first Dubai apartment is the best experience.

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