Finding the right house for you and your family is a big decision everyone makes. Let’s say you already like the interior, everything suits your needs; from the number of rooms, the size of the kitchen area, the spacious dining area but when you look outside, you just don’t know what’s wrong or what’s missing. It might just be the colour of the house.

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Choosing the right colour for your house can give you both excitement and contentment. Excitement because you know that there’s a lot of colours to choose from. As for contentment, after choosing the right color according to your taste, this is when you know that this house is the house for you.

But what are some the colour palettes you could choose from? And what effect can these palettes bring?


  • Ivory + white + aqua = this combination will give your house that formal look. Showing elegance through the contrast of each colour


  • Red apple + blue-gray + beige = this colour palette evokes a warm, earthy vibe. If you choose to make the red apple be the dominant colour, then you are making a bold statement which brings out the earthy vibe.


  • Beige + cream + brown = this combination will give your house that classy look. These neutral tones will put emphasis on the design of your house.


These are some colour palettes you might want to try for your house. But if you’re truly decided on the colours you want, you can opt to choose just 2 colours and paint the main door differently. Making it stand out no matter what.

If you still need help in looking for the right colour combination, don’t hesitate to contact our professional For Est Real Estate agents. With years of experience, they can show you variations that will surely leave you satisfied.