One of the signs of a truly advanced city is when it develops new innovations in the field of technology. Much in the same way that Tokyo, Japan is renowned for its advancement in multiple areas of technology for improving everyday life, Dubai is becoming known for its own innovations. Dubai’s specialties, however, seem to lean more towards their incredible feats of architecture, and their ability to come up with new and advanced means of transportation around the city.

Dubai’s beating pulse is a non-stop flow of people coming in and out. People work and live every day in the city, taking all forms of transportation, from personal to public, basic to luxury. In a city known for its immense wealth and love of luxury cars (everything from gold-plated Lamborghinis to Uber helicopters), what unique forms of public and luxury transportation could they possibly come up with?


Water Taxi

Most people are used to taking taxis in their commute, and there are even instant taxi services these days. But even in high-profile cities like Manhattan, the concept of a “water taxi” just does not exist. In Dubai, however, commuters looking for a little more privacy and a bit more luxury on their travels in Dubai can experience the water taxi.

While water ferries are common in the West for locations that have plenty of waterways—in fact, Dubai has its own Water Bus System, which is similar—Dubai’s water taxis are a mode of marine transport around the creek and into the gulf. Established in 2010, it’s a luxurious ride that gives commuters privacy, air-conditioned cabins, ramp access, and even an onboard LCD-TV.


The Hyperloop

Proposed by famous billionaire inventor Elon Musk back in 2013, the Hyperloop is a dream land transportation system. In essence, it is a hyper fast train system that is able to reduce the travel time from New York to Beijing into two hours. But because the system for the Hyperloop is made open and available for the world to improve and innovate upon, Dubai has taken it upon itself to develop its own Hyperloop design, which is meant to travel from Dubai to Fujairah in ten minutes, when it’s usually a 90-minute car trip.

Dubai’s Future Foundation has created an international competition that has 100 scientists, engineers, and technology experts collaborating to design this marvelous Hyperloop station. The aim is to create the most successful design coming out of the competition, and that the Hyperloop would be completed by 2020.


The Flying Car

Of all the futuristic travel concepts introduced by science fiction, none has been more ubiquitous than the flying car. Dubai seems to be keen on making fiction a reality, as the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority has made proposals for the Autonomous Aerial Vehicle. Though most sci-fi shows flying cars equipped with small jets, this design appears to make use of the same lift as drones, with multiple small ‘copters’ around the main vehicle.

During the World Government Summit being held in Dubai, the RTA presented this ambitious project, produced by a company named Ehang.  Not only does it promise to eliminate the problem of enduring traffic jams, but it’s considered as a smart, eco-friendly low-altitude vehicle that is useful over short distances. It also has foolproof safety mechanisms, with full redundancy in its flight systems.

Dubai is a city that continues to break barriers in every way, and in the field of transportation, it seems to be breaking ground that no one has before. The daily commute of a city’s citizens is the water that turns the waterwheel of a city, and Dubai is making sure that it caters to commuter needs in the most high-tech of ways.

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