People from all around the world flock to see the many wonders of Dubai. Being a world leader in outrageous architecture and mind-blowing luxury, the city is a jewel of sights to see. Among the marvellous things that everyone must see and experience in Dubai is the wide array of attractions for leisure and entertainment that they have built in the city.

Numerous theme parks and other local attractions have been built to cater especially to the joy and entertainment of the city’s population, as the city places great emphasis on its “happiness” agenda. Take a look at four of the newest amazing parks and attractions that will surely bring you happiness when you live in Dubai.

Photo of the Dubai Opera

The Dubai Opera

Recently completed last August 2016, the Dubai opera is a centre of the arts and culture scene in the city. Boasting 1901 seats within, it’s considered as a multi-format performing arts centre that addresses any form of display or performance. It regularly holds a variety of events.

From screening highly anticipated movies to staging full plays, this cultural gem is a landmark not only in architecture but also in its representation of Dubai’s love of the arts. It is found in the Opera District of Downtown Dubai and is built shaped as a dhow, which is a sailing vessel.

Photo of the IMG Worlds Adventure in Dubai

IMG Worlds of Adventure

For fans of modern popular culture, particularly fans of western animation, comics, and more, IMG Worlds of Adventure should not be missed. This mega-themed entertainment park has four separate zones each dedicated to a specific brand. Currently, the part is segregated into four districts for Marvel, Cartoon Network, IMG Boulevard, and the Lost Valley Dinosaur Adventure.

1.5 million square feet in size, IMG Worlds of Adventure has the holding capacity of 20,000 visitors daily, and is full of the kind of theme park fair that one can imagine. From rollercoasters and thrill rides, to exciting attractions featuring iconic cartoon and comic book characters, children of all ages and even grown-up fans of popular culture will enjoy themselves here.

Photo of Bollywood Park

Bollywood Park

By far one of the most interesting themes of “theme park” to be seen anywhere in the world, Bollywood Park is a massive theme park dedicated to the world of Bollywood and all that accompanies it. Opened in October 2016, Bollywood Park offers an “authentic Bollywood experience”, as well as a thrilling tour through Mumbai’s film industry that has been known all over the globe.

All the rides and attractions within the park are themed on some of Bollywood’s most famous films, such as Sholay, Krrish, Amir Khan’s Oscar-nominated film Lagaan, and many more. It also holds a massive seater that holds 850 people per screening, and the entire park is expected to bring in 6.7 million ticketed visits.

Photo of Dubai's Legoland


Lovers of this bricklaying toy of all ages all over the world will be overjoyed to find that Dubai has opened its own Legoland. Regarded as one of the most waited of its theme parks, it is set to widely feature superstructures built entirely in Lego. Dubai’s spectacular cityscape, including its most famous towers, can be found recreated entirely in Lego within its doors.

There are many Legolands around the world, but Dubai’s is unique with its additional consideration of Arab culture. It also has numerous rides that take you on a tour of Lego universes and kingdoms, and see wonders made in Lego.


Dubai is opening more and more attractions every year, as the city continues to grow. With such a rich selection of attractions, no one could ever find themselves lacking great adventures here.


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