Luxury homes are known for being lavish and grandiose. It’s always a privilege to live in one as it defines ultimate comfort. Though such homes have a distinct characteristic especially when it comes to size, luxury is also about turning an ordinary living space (no matter the size) into an upscale fortress with stylish walls and elegant surroundings.

Whether your property in Dubai is situated in communities like Emirates Hills, Palm Jumeirah, or The Greens, your home can be a prime example of luxury. Let it speak as one by decorating it properly.

Here are a few tips to decorate your luxury home:

Add Style to your Bathroom

They say bathrooms are the status rooms. To make a bathroom look clean, spacious, and stylish at the same time, go for some upgrades such as installing quick-draining showers or standalone bathtubs.

A minimalist approach is always recommended. Instead of adorning your bathroom with too many decorative towels, lotions, and other small accessories, go for bigger statement pieces such as wooden stools or candles.

Avoid displaying items made of plastic. Glass, marble, granite, or wood always look better. Don’t forget to let natural light flow through. Get the most out of your windows no matter how small they are and make sure they’re unobstructed.

Work on That Kitchen

As the heart of the home, kitchens usually speak for the overall ambiance. The most important investment you can make is to upgrade the cabinetry. When you speak of luxury cabinets, the recommended material is wood be it mahogany, oak veneer, or black cherry. You can also add stone or gold accents to make a cabinet look more sophisticated. You can also mix wood cabinetry with white marbled flooring and grey agate countertops.

Light Away!

Think of the lobby of a hotel: you will immediately notice how well-lit and glitzy it looks once you enter the main door. Remember this once you start installing or decorating your home with lighting fixtures.

If you live in a home with a vaulted ceiling, luxe it up with skylights to allow natural light to enter. You can also install pendants or chandeliers to add a little spice to your interior. For a sloped surface, try adding modern track lighting. If the hallway is a bit dark, install a sconce or place an elegant lampshade right on top of a uniquely-designed table.

Go Green

Indoor plants and colourful flower arrangements can highlight your home. They can modernize and add living beauty to its interiors. There are many types of indoor plants you can use to decorate your living space but African Violets are recommended because they can easily match any type of décor. Jasmines are good additions as well because they add freshness to a room.

Aside from the scent and aesthetic appeal, indoor plants are also beneficial because they can help purify the air and help you breathe well. Remember, plants can interact with your mind and body by reducing stress and improving your health.

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