There is no doubt that first impressions last, and you don’t want a messy portrait of your home to linger in the minds of your friends and family. But this is what usually happens when a friend suddenly knocks on your door and finds your living room dishevelled. You then make excuses or blame your busy schedule for the negligence. Though you clean up once in a while, you can’t seem to declutter and prevent dirt from accumulating.

The truth is, you don’t need a major home overhaul to give a good impression. You can do everything by yourself as long as you know how and where to start. So if you’re inviting guests over anytime soon, it’s better to prepare early in order to make a good, lasting impression of your home. After all, your home speaks about who you are.

Ready to transform your home in Dubai and welcome guests? Take note of these tips:

Clean Every Nook and Corner

You have to do more than vacuuming the floorboards. Make sure to wipe down doors, walls and windows. Cupboards, wardrobes and kitchen cabinets should be emptied out and cleaned thoroughly. Ensure that all furniture upholstery is stain-free. There should be no signs of dirt and dust on all surfaces. If you spot a hole in the carpet, patch it up by putting furniture on top of it or disguise it with a rug.

One of the most important rooms you have to clean is the bathroom/washroom. Guests never miss out on this room so make sure it’s spotless. Change the shower curtain, replace old rugs and handtowels with new ones, disinfect the floor and toilet, put a new roll of toilet paper on the dispenser, clean the soap dish, tighten loose towel rings or bars and make sure that your toilet actually works by checking the plumbing.

After everything’s done, don’t forget to take out the trash and spray a good dose of air freshener.

Don’t Forget About the Front and Back Yard

We tend to focus on the inside of our home but the outside is just as important. Make sure it’s free of dirt and clutter. Pressure wash the driveway if you have to and throw away anything that’s no longer useful.

Clear The Messy Areas

If there are too many items in one corner that no longer contribute to the appeal of a room, remove them and keep them in your cabinet. You want your guests to feel light and comfortable when they enter your home, so make sure that these unnecessary items don’t block their way. Staircases and entryways must also be free from clutter, especially children’s toys.

A good tip after clearing up the messy areas is to add a simple piece decor just to liven up the space.

Set the Mood

Brighten your visitor’s morning by putting fresh flowers in your vases. You can also bake some bread, brew coffee, and light a scented candle to add warmth to the ambiance. If it’s a dinnertime gathering, make sure your home lighting features work properly. You can also set up the record player, put on some light music and serve the hors d’oeuvres.

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