Nowadays, conversations about luxury and wealth-related matters almost always include a discussion about Dubai. That’s just the way it is. Dubai can really strike a conversation on its own. It is a place for the ultra-rich and for those who want to live lavishly. It is home to anything and everything expensive from car tyres to the $817 ice cream. The luxurious lifestyle of Dubai just doesn’t stop.

Dubai has become one and the same with the word luxury. From indoor ski-slopes and world-class golf courses, captivating activities in Dubai are endless. Whether you’re a tourist or a new resident in Dubai, you will surely get the most out of the word“experience”.

Here are some of the must-see or must-try things in this wonderful city:

  • Dubai’s Most Expensive Cupcake

This cupcake costs $1,007. It is located in a small boutique café in the Dubai Mall called Bloomsbury. This majestic cupcake is called the “Golden Phoenix” – the name really matches the gold-glazed exterior.

Photo of Dubai's Most Expensive Cupcake.
Photo From: Foodbeast
  • Dubai’s Police Supercars

Dubai is not just any other city. As mentioned, it is home to anything and everything up to supercars in the police fleet. What better way to fight speed than speed itself?

Photo of Dubai Police Supercars.

Photo From: Autos Cheat Sheet

  • The Gold ATM

Yes, this ATM is giving you the ultimate experience of banking – by dispensing items made of pure gold on the go. So head on to Dubai and try this Gold to go.

Photo of a gold ATM in Dubai.
Photo From: When on Earth

These photos are just a few compared to all the other things you can experience in Dubai today! Are you ready for more? Or, do you want to live here in the future? Contact For Est Real Estate now and get the best deals in Dubai real estate properties from our experienced agents.