The thought of moving into a new home may seem easy, but the actual process can be difficult if you are not prepared. Without the right checklist or the proper arrangements, you will lose time and money. Preparation is undoubtedly key to making your move into a hew home in Dubai a successful one. From packing items to contacting a moving company, you have to ensure that time is well-managed and that every detail is taken into consideration.

Here are a few pointers to help you in your moving process:

Take Measurements

After purchasing your new home, it is always best to take note of the dimensions of every room. Knowing the size of a living space can help determine if your current furniture can fit into it, or if you need to buy new furniture. The positioning or arrangement of items to suit one’s visual preference will also depend on these measurements.

Create a Checklist Ahead of Time

Preparations should be made at least two months ahead of the actual moving date. Start by sorting your items and taking note of what you plan to keep or give away. Create an inventory of these items. Once you have the list, segregate the items for packing from the items you want to dispose of. At the same time, contact various moving companies to get an initial quote. Know and compare rates to make it easier for you to pick the right mover to assist you on your moving day.

Prepare Supplies and Start Packing

After organizing your items, buy or order boxes, containers, and other supplies such as cutters, markers, packing tapes, and bubble wrap so you can begin the packing process. Label the boxes according to their contents and the room that they should be stored in. You can also indicate if a box is heavy or requires special handling in order to prevent damage.

For perishable goods, consume them as soon as possible. If you plan to move the refrigerator, make sure to defrost and clean it at least 24 hours before the actual moving day.

For antiques or jewellery, put them in a special box marked with a fragile sign. These valuable items, along with flammable or combustible items, such as gasoline and the like, may not be permissible for packing and moving, so do check the rules of your moving company first.

As for items you no longer want to transfer to your new home, you can either give them away or organize a garage sale to sell them.

Ensure All Bases Are Covered

Whether it’s updating your contacts with your new address or simply identifying where the emergency exits of your new home are, make sure that everything is in place. You may need to get rooms cleaned before moving in and you may even have to make moving arrangements in advance.

Stress is the number one deterrent when it comes to moving into a new place and it can only be overcome when you are organized, so don’t forget these important points to ensure a smooth moving process. And for those thinking about relocating or buying a new home in Dubai soon, don’t forget to consult a trusted real estate company like For Est Real Estate so you can live in the home of your dreams.