It’s not easy moving to a new home. The process which involves planning, packing, and the transferring of belongings can take a toll on your physical and mental well-being. It’s even more difficult if you have children with you.

Just like you, your children can also feel the impact of the move. They may never see their friends again, and they may have to adjust to the curriculum of their new school. The disruption of comfort and the needed adjustment to the new surroundings can greatly affect one’s self-esteem and induce stress.

To avoid problems with your plan of moving to a new home in Dubai with your children, keep in mind these pointers for a successful transition:

Talk to Your Kids About the Move

The most important thing about moving to a new home with kids is to ensure that your kids are fully aware of what’s going to happen. Whether the reason for the move stems from a financial decision or a new job, your children have to know why it’s important for them to embrace or accept the change and understand how it will impact the entire family. For pre-schoolers, you may have to explain using visuals or toys. The older ones, on the other hand, just need a clear and honest explanation about the move.

Don’t leave your kids out just because of their age. You have to involve them in the planning to make them feel that the move is not being forced on them. Even if they become angry, understand that this is part of the process. Hear their opinions, and let them express their emotions.

Tell Your Kids About Your New Home

If your kids are of age, it’s best to allow them to help you find a new home. But if they’re too young, at least let them choose among the houses that you’ve initially picked. Show them photos of the properties. If possible, let them visit and explore a potential house and neighbourhood. You can also visit a restaurant or a shop within your chosen property to let them feel their new surroundings. Most importantly, consider their comments to make them feel that their opinions are of value.

Let Them Spend Time with Friends

The lives of your kids will change, so it’s just right for you to give them the time to be with their friends from school or the neighbourhood. Don’t let your kids feel the burden of separation from the people they care about. Schedule a play date or an activity. Let them maintain old friendships as they make new ones. Assure them also that it’s not the end of everything and they’ll be seeing their friends once again.


After everything’s done, take time to celebrate with your kids. Whether it’s a day at the amusement park or just a night of pizza and goodies, make sure to let them feel that they did a good job of helping you out. You can also organize a kid-friendly farewell party with your friends and neighbours just to ease the anxiety.

The bottom line is: be there for your children. Even if they get too emotional or ask too many questions, ensure that the next big change in their lives is for the better.

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