Investment in Dubai real estate has soared as foreign investors have arisen as champions in investment transactions. Reports show that the Dubai real estate market has hit a slump but recent numbers from the Dubai Land Department have given us a clearer picture of the current real estate industry landscape in Dubai.

Real estate in Dubai found its magic elixir from a good mix of real estate property investors. The DLD reported AED 57 billion worth of real estate property investments for the first half of 2016. These numbers make up the investments of 149 nationalities with 26,122 investment transactions. This goes to show exactly how diverse the real estate property market in Dubai is.

On top of the list of investors are Emiratis, with 14,523 investments, while coming in second place are Indian investors with 7,272 investments. Coming in at 3rd and 4th places are Saudi Arabia and UK with 4,240 and 3,969 investments respectively.

The DLD organized these investors into different classifications in order to understand the market better. Top investments in Dubai came from foreign investors with a total of AED 28 billion worth of investments. Second is from Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) investors which are comprised of UAE, KSA, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and Bahrain contributing to AED 21 billion in investments. While third on the list are Arab investments, which are comprised of countries such as Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, Iraq, Sudan, Yemen, Morocco, Palestine, and Algeria with a total contribution of AED 7 billion in investments.

The combined figure of Arab and foreign investments easily surpasses that of the Emirati investors. These strong numbers are pushed by the economic instability of some regions in the globe while Dubai remains a strong and stable market. They also highlight the competitiveness of Dubai’s real estate property values against other countries, making Dubai a viable place to invest and do business in.

These reports encourage investors to invest in Dubai real estate. The DLD has also forecasted that these 1st half of 2016 numbers will further increase during the latter part of the year as the Dubai real estate industry passes its correction phase. This is, indeed, a perfect time to make an investment in Dubai real estate.

If you would like to invest in the market, consider investing now as the real estate market continues to strengthen, particularly in anticipation for Expo 2020.

There are a lot of real estate properties that will fit your lifestyle and personality. You can choose from top communities in Dubai with its various living amenities that you need and are important to you. Recent reports show that majority of real estate properties sold in the first half of 2016 are located in Dubai Marina. This is due to its strategic location that caters to both work and play lifestyle.

If you still have doubts in investing in Dubai real estate, the indisputable numbers should give you confidence in pursuing the transaction. You can also ask our For Est Real Estate agents for their expert opinions regarding investment in Dubai real estate.

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