Every home is its owner’s castle. Full of memories, possessions, and the retreat in which one retires after a long day’s work, a home is one’s property, territory, and sanctuary. Naturally, anyone would want to make sure that their home and family is secure against intruders, and their valuable possessions safe from harm. And it’s not only about exterior threats—there is also thoughts of safety against accidents, and safety from incidences within.

Every homeowner then embarks on making sure that their property has the adequate amount of security. Whether you’re living in a small apartment or a large villa, security is key, and here are some excellent tips to make sure that your own little castle is safe.

Get a good alarm system

The most basic step would be to invest in a proper alarm system. Though this may seem like a tall order at first, it pays for itself in becoming one of the most reliable means to protect one’s home. Not only does it deter intruders, but if you’ve selected one that directly alerts authorities, it would allow them to get to you sooner in the event of a problem. This is more feasible for homeowners rather than apartment-renters, who might be able to have a basic alarm system installed.

Install a reflective house number

Installing a reflective number on your home is a surprisingly simple way to improve your protection. It allows emergency personnel or police to find your house number easily even in the dark, in the case of accidents.

Get sturdy door and window locks

While every home’s doors and windows should and often do come with locks, making sure that every entry to your home is secured with a proper, reliable locking system is very important. Make sure that the default locks are reinforced with deadbolts, and that your door latches are installed with longer screws that are really burrowed into the wood, preventing them from getting kicked apart.

Window locks are cheaper than door locks and equally as important. There are numerous options and by making the windows far more difficult to enter, burglars would have to smash the glass and make a noise and alert people inside of their presence.

Give the appearance of a presence at home

If the entire family is leaving home for the day, it’s best to leave a light or two on, or maybe one appliance or another. You might be a little uncertain on leaving these on, because they use electricity, but leaving lights or a noisy appliance on makes people think that there is someone in the house, and will be far more hesitant to attempt to break in.

Never leave your spare key in obvious places

It’s tempting to leave an extra key under the doormat or in a plant near your doorway, but these obvious places are also the first places that any burglar would look in. If you must leave your key with anyone, you must do it with a trusted neighbour, or your apartment building security guard.

Make sure the community is a safe one

Reinforcing your home with security measures are the steps you could do with your own home, but it improves things immensely if the location of your home or the community that it’s in is safe too. These places will have security guards and gates that will prevent unpleasant individuals from wandering around.

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There are many ways to keep our homes safe, and being vigilant to possible dangers will make sure our possessions and loved ones are away from harm.

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