Living in an apartment can be challenging. Unlike big homes, you can’t do as much work as you’d like given the small space. There are monetary advantages because the selling price or rental fee of an apartment is less expensive compared to that of an actual house, but for the design-conscious, the limited space can put a limit to ideas.

Regardless of size, it goes without saying that you can still turn your apartment into a living space you can call home. But you have to set your priorities straight because some of your furniture might have to go.

You may need a couch, but not a dining area. You might be the type of person that prioritizes a desk over a couch. The important thing is to let the house function according to your needs.

Once you have the stuff you need in place, the next step is to decorate your new property in Dubai wisely. Here are a few clever ideas you can use:

Use Light to Expand Space

Once light fills a room, it can give it a brighter and airier feel.  Start by draping your windows properly with white curtains to allow more light to enter. You can also place a big mirror to reflect light and let it bounce around the room. Adding lighting fixtures such as lamps is also recommended to give the room a warm and welcoming ambiance.

Light Hues Can Do the Trick Too

If you decide to put a rug on your floor or paint the wall, soft colours from flesh to white can give the room an impression of openness. It’s also best to match the colour of your curtain to the colour of you wall. If colours blend, the room can feel larger.

Small Furniture Is the Way To Go

If you want to make your apartment look wider, having a small or moderately-sized furniture can give you the illusion of space, because you don’t want to cram everything in one corner. Simple doesn’t mean that you should settle for a bland design. Go for small tables and chairs but choose acrylic and the curvy or uniquely-shaped furniture.

Double-Duty Furniture Is Always Useful

Get the most bang for your buck when it comes to this aspect. Double-duty or multi-purpose furniture is always a good idea for small spaces. If your apartment doesn’t include a guest bedroom, having a sleeper sofa or a sleeper chair is always a good solution. Can’t think of a place to store your books? Try getting a storage bench that can hold your favourite literary works while allowing your guests to sit comfortably.

Plants Bring Life

There’s something about plants that makes a room feel fresh and light. Don’t worry if you don’t have enough floor space; you can always hang them. Choose greenery that is easy to take care of such as the snake indoor plant, which only needs light watering.


There is no golden rule for decorating apartments. You have to make the most out of the small space you have, but remember to keep it functional and comfortable at the same time.

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