Opulent, luxurious, and urbane are just some of the words that describe the city of Dubai. They ring true to the curious wanderer but are not enough to illustrate the core of this cosmopolitan microcosm of the desert that attracts an average of 12 million visitors a year.

Indeed, Dubai offers a myriad of lifestyle options and experiences that go beyond visual perception. Whether it’s crossing the desert like a real Bedouin or taking an evening walk at Burj Park, Dubai can provide you with all necessities and wants while enchanting you with its flavourful optimism that permeates its landscape.

It’s no surprise that 92 percent of Dubai’s population are expats and migrant workers. Dubai’s charm has attracted them with its debt-free provisions, cultural openness, stable economy, and low crime rate. These factors certainly make living in Dubai a healthy prospect for those looking to move to the UAE in the future.

If you’re one of them, the following information might come in handy:


Dubai may be rooted in Islamic tradition, but other non-Muslim festivals such as Easter, Christmas, Holi Festival of Colours, and Diwali are also celebrated. Around the city, you can also spot Sikh temples, churches, and Hindu temples. The tolerance for cultural or religious diversity proves that people in Dubai value respect and strive for harmonious balance within the communities.

Arts, Culture, and Lifestyle

It’s no longer just the city with gold bar vending machines. In Dubai, arts and culture are part of the Emirate identity. There is no shortage of live music, theatre, dance, film, and contemporary art. There are various activities thriving as well from Chakradance classes to wakeboarding. And with World Expo 2020 coming up, more projects are expected to come into play.

Green Environment

Despite being a bustling metropolis with skyscrapers occupying almost every corner, Dubai is no stranger to global issues as it strives to create solutions for pressing environmental problems. 2013 saw the launch of the first clean energy project. The goal was to produce electricity and reduce carbon footprint by using methane gas extracted from a waste landfill site. Last year, DP World, Dubai’s port operator, also announced plans of utilizing rooftop solar panel mountings on various sites including parking sheds and the Jebel Ali free zone buildings to reduce carbon footprint.


Dubai is also about convenience. In just one click, residents can order anything and everything or seek assistance using a 24/7 app and website. You also don’t have to worry about getting around thanks to the efficient Dubai Metro and the number of taxis that can easily be accessed with just one phone call. The Dubai International Airport, considered to be the world’s busiest airport, also serves 270 destinations making travel plans easier for its residents.


Accommodation is not a problem in Dubai with furnished or non-furnished apartments, villas, and townhouses available in different areas. All you have to do is consult a real estate expert from For Est Real Estate for a comprehensive guide to buying or renting a property.